Reading, writing and reason by Trevor Plumbly

A codger’s lament I decided to let the brain off the leash this week and wallow in an old-fashioned moan. I’ve found that one of the gifts of age is the ability to use hindsight as a diagnostic tool for heaps of today’s ills. The popular conception is that age brings wisdom, but even in my case that’s not strictly true; however, for those keen to foster the myth, some subtlety of phrase dealing with younger folk is always a good option. For instance, I never use ‘in my day’ because kids… Read More

It ain’t me babe by Trevor Plumbly

You say you’re looking for someone It’s such a blatant excuse for gang hypocrisy that I was surprised to find ‘the big picture’ still quoted. This was on an application for board membership that I was thinking of submitting: the successful candidate would need to be able to articulate strong views, be a team player and, most importantly, be able to see ‘the big picture’. I might have one of those virtues, or even two on the odd occasion, but expecting me to have all three at the same time is a bit… Read More

We shall gather by Trevor Plumbly

Bringing in the sheaves I’m not much of a one for meetings, especially those prefaced as being ‘strategic’. Sadly, as with others I’ve felt obliged to attend, this one dumped about a hundred pages of electronic verbiage on me prior to the great day of enlightenment. This ‘info pack’ (already I’m using their language) would have swelled the hearts of devotees of the obscure, full of verbal titbits like ‘finding your narrative’ and ‘self-objectives’. To lessen the possibility of an IT induced migraine, I considered converting the stuff to paper, but decided… Read More