John Key and Xi by Susan Grimsdell

Xi Jinping is the paramount leader of China and has been since 2012.  That means he is the power behind whatever actions China takes on the world scene and no doubt at home.   Over that time period China has crushed democracy in Hong Kong, and now threatens Taiwan with extreme violence.  China has also imprisoned about a million Uyghurs.  Prisons in China are unlikely to be pleasant places to serve out sentences, if indeed the victims have had the formality of a trial and a finite sentence.  It’s hard to imagine so… Read More

Raising the Standard by Trevor Plumbly

Fall in and Follow Whatever their moral and political limitations, those aspiring to control our welfare have a deep-seated need for adulation and obedience from lesser mortals. Historically, in the ‘developed countries’, this was achieved by assassination, chicanery, or good old fashioned nepotism. Nowadays though, such tactics are either deemed redundant or given a more palatable label; somewhat sadly, it seems we live in an age where obfuscation conquers all and politicians just love it! Few, if any, seem capable of simple dialogue, preferring instead rambling monologues, touted as ‘statements’. A recent… Read More