The Sunday Paper – a Treat or a Let-down? by Trevor Plumbly

Non-stories on Sunday I can still remember when the Sunday paper actually contained news and a fairly good range of opinion-based articles. Thumbing through this Sunday’s offerings, I wonder if I might be better informed buying The New Zealand Woman’s Weekly (apologies to that magazine and to well-informed New Zealand women everywhere). Let me test your tolerance by sharing a few of these journalistic ‘scoops’ with those of you fortunate enough not to buy the bloody rag. From my iPad, under the ‘latest’ news, I am told: ‘Actor out to be grog-free’…. Read More

Trevor Tells It Like It Is

If It Bleeds It Leads I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all the improvements in modern communication haven’t been reflected in the standard of journalism. Whilst I admit that the public attention span has shortened along with the advent of instant access, I still wonder why those of us who prefer a bit of depth in our news are force-fed facile sensationalism with our morning tea. Most of the current crop seems to have graduated from the 19th century ‘penny dreadful’ school of journalism. The front page is strictly reserved for… Read More