Herstory Today by Trevor Plumbly

Isn’t it time we all had a bit of a rethink? Blokes that is. Ange’s piece on the suffragettes highlighted the historical injustices inflicted on women by the so-called civilised society of the day, but I wonder if things have changed that much. I’m more inclined to suspect that the blokes have just got better at polishing the facade. In America (I hate using that country as an example for anything, but you’ll just have to bear with me on this one), you have three main contenders for the presidential race: a… Read More

The Party’s Over for Julia and David by Trevor Plumbly

The Political Guillotine Down Under It’s all happening down under folks! Politically that is, because heads are rolling like drunken pool balls. Over in Australia the ignominy of having a ‘Sheila’ in charge of the country proved to be too much of a burden for the ‘Cobbers’ to bear. Whilst here in New Zealand we’ve got the decapitated body of the leader of the opposition as evidence of what happens to perfectly nice people if they fiddle with politics. In my youth, politicians were elderly, eloquent in a restrained manner, and generally… Read More