Toupee or not toupee by Trevor Plumbly

Taking a dim view I never took much notice of blind people. They were there, of course, but short of a flush of sympathy and a few guilt dollars, there wasn’t much else I could offer. Things became a lot clearer (excuse the pun) when my own sight failed. In some respects I’m lucky: whilst my particular problem is inoperable, it is taking time to inflict total blindness and, as a result, I’ve been able to adjust on a gradual basis. But yearly visits for specialist assessment always show a little more… Read More

Oh Say Can you See? By Trevor Plumbly

Great Uncle Sam? You have to wonder about the Americans. They can certainly lay claim to the phrase ‘too big for their breeches’, especially when it comes to the basic laws and freedoms that their ‘allies’ enjoy. Any thinking person could be excused for believing that cultural indoctrination is more on their menu than friendly cooperation, and very few seem inclined to put up too much resistance. New Zealand certainly did resist under David Lange by adopting the ‘Nuclear Free’ stance, effectively telling them, ‘We don’t want ships with those capabilities in… Read More

Dangling Conversations by Trevor Plumbly

I’m sure Paul Simon will forgive me for borrowing his song title, but these communications that lack purpose or conclusion really do happen. I thought I’d said it all about the problems of the cell phone invasion, but I haven’t quite finished yet; nor it seems have Vodafone and Co, so please bear with me. Their current strategy is to convince us that it’s more economical to cancel the landline phone and switch to a cell phone caller plan, which enables you to natter to all sorts of people for a few… Read More

001 & 3/4 or Undercover Down Under by Trevor Plumbly

The Spy that Sleeps Like Emily Smart and Kim Dotcom, I am convinced I am being monitored by the government and with good reason. With all the new technology and more permissive surveillance laws, they’re bound to come for me eventually, so I may as well cough up publically before they do. Truth is, I was sent here as what we refer to in the espionage game as a ‘sleeper’ by the British in 1972. I was never ‘woken’, so financial sweeteners and a new identity won’t be needed to turn me,… Read More