Life with a dog by Angela Caldin

I’m a bit late with my blog contribution this week because of circumstances beyond my control. It’s fair to say that not many people have noticed, apart from Trevor who has sent an email of admonishment this morning. The new year is now underway which seems a fitting time to correct the omission. The situation is as follows: our daughter and family have gone away for a short break at Lake Taupo and in a moment of extreme generosity I agreed that we would look after their dog. The dog in question… Read More

A dog in my life by Angela Caldin

I don’t know much about dogs because I’ve never owned one, but I’ve always imagined what fun it would be to have a dog companion to take on a walk and then curl up with in a comfy chair with a good book. When I was a child we once looked after a cocker spaniel called Kim while his owners were on holiday and for several years after that he would visit us once or twice a day, hang out with us happily before returning home to be fed. He was a… Read More