The Sentimental Shopper by Emily Smart

Half Term Hell It’s half term here in New Zealand and we’ve just completed week one of the ‘holidays.’ I use the term holidays advisedly as I have been running around like a blue bottomed fly for the last seven days. Forget the lie-ins, not making packed lunches and being able to lounge around in your jarmies ‘til 3 o’clock in the afternoon. No sirree. Apparently, the kids still wake up early, they still need to eat and they want entertaining outside of the home. I found myself at the local supermarket,… Read More

Meet the Fockers by Emily Smart

The other half said to me the other day, ‘stop looking like your dad.’ I had just woken from a little afternoon nap, my hair was all tufty and apparently my nose was looking as big as my father’s. It’s not really a compliment to be told you look like your 65 year old father when you’re quite a lot younger and the opposite sex. Just to add to my misery, my dad reckons he looks like Anthony Hopkins. When he played Hannibal Lecter. In ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.  He used… Read More