Moss gathering by Trevor Plumbly

By the book I think I’ve mentioned the importance books have played in my life. After my schooling was severely truncated, they were the cheapest form of entertainment and education available. In the late 1950s, I was living in a bedsit in North London, 12 bob a week, share bathroom and toilet with penny-in-the-meter electricity. Kilburn in the late 50s was far from welcoming, but it did have a public library. Bedsit etiquette was pretty much ‘mind your own business’, so in the absence of social contact, I wandered up and down… Read More

A pain in the ass by Trevor Plumbly

Taking the chair Well, it was more a case of missing it: I strolled onto the porch, radio in hand, and distracted perhaps by Wagnerian outpourings, reached down to slow my descent and realised, too late, that I’d assumed my right hand was clutching the right arm of the chair – it wasn’t! I’ve made all sorts of stupid assumptions with the increased sight loss, but missing a chair altogether ranks pretty high. My stoic chorus of, ‘Of course I’ll be OK’ and ‘Don’t fuss, I can manage!’ was suddenly reduced to… Read More

On a Positive Note by Trevor Plumbly

The Piano Lady Looking back, I’ve decided that I’ve been a bit curmudgeonly lately and I feel it’s about time I strayed to the positive side. Being a grumpy old git suits me most of the time, but I like a bit of variety and, of course, I’ve got what I prefer to describe as my avid readers’ interests to consider as well. I’ve just finished watching a documentary on Pavarotti and it occurred to me how little thought I’ve given to the importance of music in my life. Mercifully for the… Read More

Looking back by Trevor Plumbly

It’s that time again! Most of us have recovered from the excesses of feel-good and overindulgence and are bracing ourselves for the new year. But hang on folks! What about putting the last one to bed. Lots of stuff happened in 2014, and it seems a shame to let it go without some comment. Enlightened Faith Man of the year? I am not a Catholic but surely it must be Pope Francis. Rising from relative obscurity to become the world’s most recognised religious leader must be daunting enough, especially in the light… Read More