Alt truth by Susan Grimsdell

Reading the news lately, you’d think ‘alt truth’ is a Trumpish invention.  Of course it isn’t – lies and damned lies have been around since the beginning of time.  The trouble with lies is that they quickly take on a life of their own and become truth.  Jonathan Swift (born 1667), understood this power.  He said, ‘If a lie is believed for only half an hour it hath done its work’. Housing falsehoods Once a lie is out there, a whole web is spun around it, until the original lie is buried… Read More

A Political Glossary for Cynics by Trevor Plumbly

Or Some Familiar Politician-Speak Explained in Layman’s Terms “There is obviously widespread public concern over this matter and in the light of that concern; I have ordered an official enquiry.” = It’ll take years and it’ll be a nice little earner for a couple of the old boys we owe. And by the time they deliver it’ll all be forgotten anyway. “At times like this it is important to lay party politics to one side.” = I’m in such deep shit that I’ll take help from anybody. “This is an integral part… Read More