House for Sale by Angela Caldin

Our house is on the market and we’re living in a world of estate agents, viewings and trying to keep things tidy and depersonalised at all times. We’re moving on after thirty years of living in this lovely Edwardian semi in a premier road within easy reach of the shops and all facilities, as they say in estate agent speak. It wasn’t always a lovely house: when we first moved in, it had been extensively ‘modernised’ by the previous owners to include a sunken floor/conversation pit lined with shag pile, a television… Read More

Another Day at the Office by Emily Smart

After eight years of procreating, wiping children’s bottoms and working from home, I am finally back in an office. With grown-up people. Who have a life outside of kids. Who talk about what they watched on TV last night and say things like, ‘I’m going to get a coffee, do you want to come for a walk to get one?’ I know, I know, not the most radical thing in the world for all you people who go to the office day-in day-out, but for me it’s been something of a revelation…. Read More