Herstory Today by Trevor Plumbly

Isn’t it time we all had a bit of a rethink? Blokes that is. Ange’s piece on the suffragettes highlighted the historical injustices inflicted on women by the so-called civilised society of the day, but I wonder if things have changed that much. I’m more inclined to suspect that the blokes have just got better at polishing the facade. In America (I hate using that country as an example for anything, but you’ll just have to bear with me on this one), you have three main contenders for the presidential race: a… Read More

‘It’ is a Fact by Trevor Plumbly

‘It’ is Difficult to Define Nowadays ‘it’ has developed a new persona. ‘It’ was once something we all dreamed of having first or second hand. If a girl had basic ‘it’ she was guaranteed the constant pursuit of the opposite sex and the envy of her peers. Those with major ‘it’ were virtually assured of a place in the limelight. ‘It’ is indefinable; it’s just sort of there or not. Years ago, ‘it’ suggested some sort of deep seated sexual magnetism, but strong, outgoing personalities can also have ‘it’; sadly bluestockings, aggressive… Read More

001 & 3/4 or Undercover Down Under by Trevor Plumbly

The Spy that Sleeps Like Emily Smart and Kim Dotcom, I am convinced I am being monitored by the government and with good reason. With all the new technology and more permissive surveillance laws, they’re bound to come for me eventually, so I may as well cough up publically before they do. Truth is, I was sent here as what we refer to in the espionage game as a ‘sleeper’ by the British in 1972. I was never ‘woken’, so financial sweeteners and a new identity won’t be needed to turn me,… Read More