Sorting Things Out by Angela Caldin

We’re hoping to move house soon. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But behind that straightforward statement lurks a disturbing state of emotional as well as physical upheaval. I’ve heard it said that moving house ranks with death and divorce as one of the most stressful events in life, and while I think that there must be many worse things than moving, such as serious illness or loss of a job, I can bear witness to the fact that the whole procedure is causing me much angst and turmoil. Difficult Decisions We haven’t exchanged… Read More

My Life Flashed Before Me by Trevor Plumbly

Well it sort of meandered really through a druggy haze, as I suppose it’s wont to do after a heart scare. You’re lying on a hospital trolley thingy, wired and tubed-up to all manner of bleeping gadgets and strange looking plastic bottles, surrounded by people overloaded with calm confidence that you desperately want to feel. The old biblical ‘pick up your bed and walk’ obviously wasn’t going to happen, so one lies there and one reflects. In my case, not on events or people that have affected my life but more of… Read More

Together Again – A Cynic’s Look at Reunions by Trevor Plumbly

   Invitation to a Reunion When the card came inviting me to a school reunion, I couldn’t believe that some silly bugger would think that I or anyone else of sound mind would possibly want to get together after 50 odd years, but there are obviously some people who just can’t leave well alone and waste oodles of time in their senior years trying to re-unite people who have avoided that very nicely for years. I can’t possibly think what they, or even their victims, get out of it: maybe they’re so… Read More