Ways that are gone by Trevor Plumbly

Unlike most of the stuff you’re getting recently, this is not about the bloody virus; that will of course become a memory and that’s what I want to chat about. The rear view mirror Following on from ‘Way to go’, I’m wondering about the benefit of allowing memory too much leeway. Some folk often rehash unhappy bits of their lives looking for ‘closure’ (I hate that word). I don’t like revisiting bad news; it’s much easier to forget bits that give me the creeps. No doubt a shrink would have a field… Read More

A Bad Memory? By Trevor Plumbly

Selective Memory Recent newsworthy events in sleepy old NZ have led me to believe that memory isn’t all the poets and songwriters crack it up to be. According to their outpourings, memories are either poignant, pleasant or triumphant; in fairness to them I suppose it’s pretty tough to write stirring words about the mundane, but they do tend to glam things up a bit. At a personal level, memory is quite selective, it allows us to recall and enjoy moments of absolute joy but blocks us from experiencing the actual elation at… Read More