My Life Flashed Before Me Part 2 by Trevor Plumbly

Back From the Jaws of Death Avid readers of this blog will remember my brush with death which led to my hospitalisation and my urge to write a list of musical favourites. Eventually and happily, the emergency ward folk decided that the bloke with the scythe had decided to give me a miss and I was trundled, still wired and plugged, to a holding ward for ‘overnight observation’. They’re many things these emergency doctors, but gamblers they ain’t. Having sorted out my musical bucket list, there was little to do in the… Read More

They’re playing our song. By Trevor Plumbly

As dirge-like and uninspiring as it was, I still remember being obliged to stand for the national anthem which at that time played in British cinemas and theatres at the conclusion of every performance. Generally, those renditions were more dutiful than enthusiastic and kids found it far more uplifting to sneak out the back door than to join in. It seems to me that the problem with national anthems is that some just don’t hit the mark. If we start with England (where else?), ‘God save the Queen’ hardly qualifies as the… Read More