Voting Frights by Trevor Plumbly

I reckon sitting on a committee is more fun than phoning Vodafone, but only just. I’m not really the collective type. I do get on pretty well with most folk, but I dislike the process of group decision. To me committees are the bastard offspring of the democratic system; they intermarry to reproduce untold social dross, and are a haven for people who can’t make up their own minds. Even those trumpeting the cause of the individual get castrated by sheer tedium and end up agreeing to ‘joint compromise’. Genteel bullying at… Read More

Another tough day at the office…

Venue: Richmond Road Larder Eaten:   Trev and Angela – poached eggs on ciabatta toast with chutney. Emily – mushrooms in cream sauce on toast (bit too rich for me actually, should have stuck with the tried and tested big breakfast – ES) Drunk:  Not bloody likely as the management at Richmond Road Larder have yet to obtain an alcohol  licence due to “signage issues.” Agreed: Emily to pursue contact with Karen who could help with our SEO and other publicity matters. All bloggers to contribute  to facilitate this. Subjects for future… Read More

Trevor takes one (or was it two?) for the team!

Minutes of the alcohol sub-committee for Verbalberbal held in The Franklin Bar, Ponsonby Road on Sunday 14th October 2012. The meeting opened at 4-00pm. Present: T. Plumbly. Apologies: There were no apologies. Correspondence: There was no correspondence. Accounts: There was an account for refreshments i.e. $16-00 for two beers. It was decided to treat this as a personal expense and it was paid accordingly. Appointment: It was felt that in the interest of good order and the prompt execution of the committee’s duties, a Chairperson should  be appointed. T. Plumbly nominated T…. Read More