Party Games by Trevor Plumbly

ACTing up I know I’m lucky to live in a country like NZ and shouldn’t take the Mickey out of the place, but Brits are Brits and we tend to find humour in the strangest places. We also realise that we can do stuff all to control those who control us. Outside the periodic use of the ballot box, the best form of retaliation is mockery. The political system here, if it can be called that, is MMP, if you’re politically learned you’ll understand MMP, if not it would be like trying… Read More

Political Asylum by Trevor Plumbly

Pomp and Tradition in NZ’s Parliament Today – God help me – I watched a parliamentary session on TV. It opened with a serious looking chap carting a ceremonial mace to a table, followed by a prayer invoking the assistance of the Almighty, which seemed to indicate that those involved were unsure of their ability to do the job with the talent they had. After that, petitions were presented: anyone, it seems, can petition parliament and indeed many do, to what effect God only knows. Then came democracy’s showcase: ‘Question Time’. This… Read More