Song of songs by Trevor Plumbly

Musical lessons I’m sick to death of American politics. I want to write about something more uplifting than the daily doings of Biden, Trump and Co. What about music? Like most folk, I don’t have a tuneful voice; British education tried to correct that by holding ‘music’ periods in infant schools. Ours involved a rail thin Miss Folster thumping away at a piano in an effort to nurture a gang of misfits into choral harmony. It was a brave effort on her part, but doomed to failure, largely due to the song… Read More

On a Positive Note by Trevor Plumbly

The Piano Lady Looking back, I’ve decided that I’ve been a bit curmudgeonly lately and I feel it’s about time I strayed to the positive side. Being a grumpy old git suits me most of the time, but I like a bit of variety and, of course, I’ve got what I prefer to describe as my avid readers’ interests to consider as well. I’ve just finished watching a documentary on Pavarotti and it occurred to me how little thought I’ve given to the importance of music in my life. Mercifully for the… Read More

A Spot of Bother by Trevor Plumbly

For some time now I’ve enjoyed the music application Spotify. As I’m somewhat blind, it saves the hassle of identifying and playing discs, but about a month ago, for no apparent reason, the music died, right in the middle of ‘Myfanwy’ by The Morriston Orpheus Choir (it’s a must!). Now these guys can sing a bit of ‘churchy’ stuff so there was no way someone up there would have pulled the plug, so I concluded it must be the machine. Naturally I sought help, and in the process I discovered that most… Read More

Every Sha La La La La… by Emily Smart

At the risk of being boring/predictable/tedious, I find myself again writing about music. I have no qualifications to  talk about the subject matter at any length, having never written a musical score, conducted an orchestra or recorded a track. But, I do love a good tune. Lately I have been waxing lyrical about Michael Jackson, Gene Pitney and even Nik Kershaw. I was going to have a chat about Karen Carpenter today, but instead I got distracted by the importance of music in life and in death. I will just say a… Read More

It’s only words and words are all I have…by Emily Smart

How many people do you know who don’t like music? I’m guessing that would be none. Everyone likes some type of music from rock to pop, classic to jazz. Music has been on my mind quite a bit of late. This could be something to do with the fact that I have now got my stereo on a shelf surrounded by my CDs. Hitherto, said music machine had been in a box packed away, and then balanced rather precariously on a sofa in the lounge, which is neither safe nor advisable in… Read More