No laughing matter by Trevor Plumbly

Hubble bubble By general admission mainstream news is a bit of a witches’ brew of late. Despite wearing my ‘Pennies from Heaven’ (PFH) raincoat, I’m finding it hard to avoid dampening spirits. Sight loss (mercifully) killed off the newspapers as a source while the radio seems pre-set to dollop out hourly doses of depression. Sure, there’s heaps of the bad stuff out there that all of us need to be made aware of, but despite the relative insulation of life down here in NZ, the willingness of half-baked hacks to trumpet the… Read More

The Decline of the Species by Trevor Plumbly

You don’t know what you’ve got… Till it’s gone. But is whatever’s going, really that important? Lots of things die off in the course of natural order or our unwillingness to preserve them, and others just seem to clutter up the planet for no apparent reason. The fun starts when it comes to deciding what’s worth saving. One of New Zealand’s most endearing characters, Gareth Morgan, recently suggested that if we took a harsher line to cat ownership our native bird population would be a heck of a lot better off. I… Read More

Some Days are Diamonds by Trevor Plumbly

Lonely as a Cloud I’ve got that bloody block again! And as I sit fumbling at an indistinct keyboard and a vacant screen struggling to conjure up another personal outpouring, I feel I’ve got to blame someone, so my thoughts idly stray to my fellow bloggers, mourning the recent paucity (been dying to use that word for ages) of their posts. It’s hard to believe that Emily’s capable hands have been gripped by a rheumatic rictus caused by a sudden burst of employment, or that Ange’s flying fingers have become cryonically inert… Read More