An Apple All Day by Trevor Plumbly

We blindies have problems with technology and sadly none more than yours truly; I find it frustrating jabbing away at icons which others can negotiate with ease. I try not to resent their dexterity but I reckon I’m entitled to a jaundiced overview. The spark for this blog was provided by a phone call the other day whilst I was hanging out the washing. This situation always poses a problem for me: do I risk injury and make a dash for it or do I feel my way safely and hope they… Read More

Back To School by Trevor Plumbly

There’s a place for us I’ve come to the conclusion that an element of cultured cunning is an essential part of the modern school teacher’s armoury and at last I’ve been proved right. Today was ‘Grandparents day,’ pardon my cynicism but I hail from a different time and social strata than the current crop. Relatives weren’t welcome in school grounds in my day, a visit meant that, (a) deep trouble was on its way, or, (b) they were checking the scrap metal value of the lead on the roof. Either way a… Read More