From squo to woe by Trevor Plumbly

The older I get the less polite I’m inclined to be about things that really piss me off. Bad language I dislike it when people tinker with things that are working OK, like words. We’re losing the battle against geek-speak every day and these bright sparks are continually cooking up acronyms and verbal obscurities which we swallow without question, not wanting to look dumb. Though not well educated in the full sense of the term, I do have a regard for clarity. Computer programmers however, loathe simplicity and neither do they fight… Read More

A New Language or I Don’t Give a Shift Any More! By Trevor Plumbly

   A New Global Language I envy no more my fellow bloggers’ higher educational achievements, nor their ability to write without constant use of the delete key. Not because I’ve been deluged with a storm of tolerance and self-deprecation; it’s just that I’m on the verge of something so bloody global I haven’t got time for minor things like comparisons. I am in the process of developing an entirely new language! Cynics among you may feel that we’ve got enough of them to go round, but mine will be of comfort and… Read More