Beyond the Candelabra by Angela Caldin

A Riveting Film I’ve just been to see the film about Liberace: Beyond the Candelabra and I can honestly report that I found the whole experience dazzling. Not only because of the recreated glitzy opulence of Liberace’s home and the gorgeous, outrageous outfits he and his acolytes gloried in wearing; not only because of the extraordinary performances of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon; not only because of the candid and explicit charting of a loving relationship which inevitably goes sour, but also because of the amazing way that Liberace managed to conceal… Read More

No News Is…News? By Trevor Plumbly

Stirred by the lead news stories in my country recently, I decided to risk belabouring the issues I raised in an earlier article. The media, it seems, feels that my font of knowledge would be tainted by hard news, and that the daily doings of the rich, famous and infamous are more suited to my intellect. Just for fun, I’ll run a few of these journalistic bombshells past you and trust that your pulse rate remains stable. ‘John Travolta accused of making sexual advances to a male masseur.’ Now apart from Mr… Read More