Changing words by Susan Grimsdell

I know language changes and there’s no going back once words have either been lost or their meaning changed, but, in a no doubt forlorn bid to change things back to how they were, I want to focus attention on two changes that really bother me. Dying words First of all, I mourn the loss of a once-common word – “died”.  People don’t die any more.  They “pass away”.  They “pass”.   I just don’t understand where they’re supposed to have passed to, especially in New Zealand where only a small minority of… Read More

Selling Houses in New Zealand and a New Phrasal Verb by Angela Caldin

Selling by Auction the NZ Way I wanted to find out how property changes hands here in Auckland and decided to begin by attending an auction.  It seems that about a quarter of house sales in NZ take place by auction and that it’s an increasingly popular selling method, particularly for family homes. Sometimes the auction takes place actually at the house to be sold, but more often it takes place at the offices of an estate agent or realtor. At the offices I went to there were various properties listed in… Read More