Angela’s ABCs – Words Easily Confused: to bear and to bare

Usually, we don’t have trouble with bear (the noun) which means the large furry animal, or bare (the adjective) which means naked or not covered or sometimes basic, as in the bare necessities of life. But the verbs to bear and to bare cause more problems, though it can be quite dangerous and risky to get them wrong, as you’ll see in the footnote below. To bare means to uncover (a part of the body or other thing) and expose it to view: He bared his chest to show off his six… Read More

Angela’s ABCs – Lie and Lay

Words often confused: lie and lay The verbs to lie and to lay have very different meanings: To lie means to rest, to recline or to be in a horizontal position. To lay means to put or to place. There is an essential difference between these two verbs: To lie is an intransitive verb: it describes an action undertaken by the subject, but it never has a direct object. It does not express the kind of action that can be done to anything: I lie here every day. I lay here yesterday. I will lie here tomorrow. I am lying here now. I have lain here every day for… Read More