Helpless by Trevor Plumbly

Helpless, Helpless (Neil Young) There’s more than tragedy and anger to consider after the events in Paris. A horrifying door’s been opened and as in the past the zealots, the misguided and those that feel disenfranchised will pour through it. This new breed of war doesn’t need army casualties or land occupation to measure progress, it operates on the basis that whilst terror itself doesn’t actually kill, it destroys communities and the fabric of that binds them. Terrorism isn’t a modern concept, consider the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi purification measures during the… Read More

Anzac Day by Angela Caldin

25 April is Anzac Day here in New Zealand and a public holiday. The date was chosen because at dawn on 25 April 1915, eight months into the First World War, Allied soldiers landed on the shores of the Gallipoli peninsula. This was Turkish territory allied with Germany and the plan was to open the Dardanelles Strait to the Allied fleets, enabling them to threaten Constantinople (now Istanbul) and achieve a Turkish surrender. But the Allied forces encountered unexpectedly tough resistance from the Turks, and both sides suffered enormous loss of life. … Read More

War and Peace by Angela Caldin

The Eurostar train slices smoothly through the flat landscape of northern France on its way to Brussels. The land looks rich and fertile with green fields of potatoes, oats, wheat and vegetables interspersed with the occasional startling yellow of oil seed rape. Herds of placid-looking cows graze near the isolated farmhouses surrounded by hedges. Rows of poplar trees spring up like soldiers from the ground, breaks against the wind that often sweeps over the level land. The only signs of life are teams of workers in white overalls spraying between the rows… Read More