Apostrophes Revisited by Angela Caldin

Emily Smart, Copywriter Extraordinaire I must start by saying that, when it comes to copywriting, my fellow blogger, Emily, is a brilliant exponent of the craft. She can turn out an excellent piece of writing at the drop of a hat in whatever style, tone or genre that you wish. She can be funny, serious, concise, detailed, evocative or plain down to earth – whatever best suits the task in hand. If you want a copywriter who can write accurately to a brief and deliver the goods to a deadline, then Emily’s… Read More

Angela’s ABCs – Principal or Principle?

Words easily confused: principal and principle. I made a mistake with these two the other day, as my husband gleefully pointed out, telling me that: Principal  is an adjective meaning ‘most important’ or ‘main’, or a noun designating ‘the main or chief one’. So, the main sum of money on which interest is calculated is called the principal, and the chief person or head teacher in a school is the principal. Principle  can never be an adjective. It is a noun only, referring to a fundamental law or concept, or to a code of conduct, often used in the… Read More

Angela’s ABCs Less and Fewer

Words easily confused Less and fewer The distinction between these two words is disappearing fast. In fact, people tend to use less nowadays most of the time, at the expense of fewer. I’d like to highlight the difference, but first I need to explain that there are two types of nouns: countable and uncountable.