From possums to air space by Angela Caldin

About two weeks ago, I was sitting at a residents’ meeting in leafy Remuera NZ. Top of the agenda was how best to deal with the possum that Stanley at number one had spotted squatting on the fence when he came home from his late shift one dark night. Pests or protected? In Australia, possums are protected wildlife and their removal can only be carried out by licensed commercial possum relocators (a job title to be proud of). By contrast, in New Zealand, possums are considered to be pests as they eat… Read More

Some Days are Diamonds by Trevor Plumbly

Lonely as a Cloud I’ve got that bloody block again! And as I sit fumbling at an indistinct keyboard and a vacant screen struggling to conjure up another personal outpouring, I feel I’ve got to blame someone, so my thoughts idly stray to my fellow bloggers, mourning the recent paucity (been dying to use that word for ages) of their posts. It’s hard to believe that Emily’s capable hands have been gripped by a rheumatic rictus caused by a sudden burst of employment, or that Ange’s flying fingers have become cryonically inert… Read More