The two sides of Christmas by Angela Caldin

I was in Newmarket a couple of days ago with my elder daughter doing a little Christmas shopping. In the streets the decorations glittered in the sunshine while in the shops the Christmas songs warbled over the festive wares. That’s when it happened, or perhaps I should say more correctly, that’s when it started. It washed over me like a wave, took over my body and mind and turned my heart into a heavy stone. It’s a malaise, a melancholy, a disquiet and a discontent. It’s called Seasonal Curmudgeon Disorder. The Christmas… Read More

Christmas at the City Mission by Angela Caldin

Auckland City Mission on National News             Who would have believed it possible? Who would have thought the Auckland City Mission would make the top item on the national news on Friday? It’s a sad fact that the reason it achieved this dubious honour was the long lines of hundreds of people queuing up outside to get food parcels and presents for their children from the Mission. People queued from early morning to late afternoon to be assessed in order to get basic food items and donated presents suitable for each child’s age… Read More