Toupee or not toupee by Trevor Plumbly

Taking a dim view I never took much notice of blind people. They were there, of course, but short of a flush of sympathy and a few guilt dollars, there wasn’t much else I could offer. Things became a lot clearer (excuse the pun) when my own sight failed. In some respects I’m lucky: whilst my particular problem is inoperable, it is taking time to inflict total blindness and, as a result, I’ve been able to adjust on a gradual basis. But yearly visits for specialist assessment always show a little more… Read More

A Local Problem by Trevor Plumbly

Colonel McPizza Rules! It’s a black day on the street: ‘Sliders Bar’ is closing; they’re going to convert it into a ‘family restaurant’, which I reckon just about qualifies as community vandalism – surely there’s enough of those bloody things around already? If people want to feed their offspring’s faces in public, why don’t they go to McDonalds or KFC? That’s what they’re in the world for isn’t it? Sliders was a decent little bar frequented by people who liked a chat and a quiet pint; Shane, our host, was a man… Read More