Balancing acts by Trevor Plumbly

They don’t use balance scales anymore. It’s a shame really; we could learn a lot from the basic principle of equal weight. Unlike pre-packaging, the old scales and weights used to be part and parcel of everyday shopping, representing trust and fairness. Personal costing was an important part of the process, almost ceremonial: for the retailer the accuracy of his scales was the pivot between profit and loss, for the customer they were the dividing line between need and costs. The act of weighing provided a mutual bridge; old fashioned though it… Read More

Lest We Forget by Trevor Plumbly

Your Country Needs You! The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I is currently being commemorated throughout the Commonwealth and looking back, I’m pretty pleased that I wasn’t of a fighting age at that time. Given my adult line of thought, I would probably have been a conscientious objector or, as others would have it, a coward. I’d like to say that it would have been an entirely high moral stance, though, in truth, the prospect of dying or being wounded would have played a fairly big part in the… Read More