I’m Not One to Moan, But . . . by Trevor Plumbly

My Day in Bite-sized Chunks At 70 odd, pretty grumpy and more than a bit blind, I find it easier and more pleasant to divide my day into little manageable sections. It’s fairly basic really: a spell on the Exercycle to kick start the moveable bits, then on to the cryptic crossword to let my brain know that I haven’t croaked overnight. After that, an hour or so of general household chores, followed by preparing lunch. The afternoon usually slides by with a couple of hours reading, another crossword and some computer… Read More

An invitation to dine by Trevor Plumbly

No pressure: just pick four people to invite for dinner. But when you’re a grumpy old bugger, it’s not that easy. To help you choose: there are no restrictions, rich, poor, famous or just ordinary. I don’t want a group of like minds, or an interesting mix for good light conversation; I want people like me, that don’t sit around nodding politely at post-prandial pearls; I want people that love a good bitch about everything they can’t possibly change. So I’ll have no politicians and none of that ‘putting the world right… Read More

Trevor takes one (or was it two?) for the team!

Minutes of the alcohol sub-committee for Verbalberbal held in The Franklin Bar, Ponsonby Road on Sunday 14th October 2012. The meeting opened at 4-00pm. Present: T. Plumbly. Apologies: There were no apologies. Correspondence: There was no correspondence. Accounts: There was an account for refreshments i.e. $16-00 for two beers. It was decided to treat this as a personal expense and it was paid accordingly. Appointment: It was felt that in the interest of good order and the prompt execution of the committee’s duties, a Chairperson should  be appointed. T. Plumbly nominated T…. Read More