News and fake news by Susan Grimsdell

Never before have we been so deluged by words and pictures masquerading as news.  It comes at us from every direction, huge quantities of it, all designed to grab our attention, entertain us and capture our interest. Most of it is thrown out there by people whose deliberate intention is to influence what we think.  There are even people who make a living in a new job called “influencer”. Demise of fact-checking The difference today from, say, even ten years ago, is that very little of what we see and read has… Read More

The Fate of the Whistleblower or Why Shoot the Messenger? By Angela Caldin

The Wikileaks Whistleblower The face of Bradley Manning stares solemnly forward, lips pressed together, etched with vulnerability and fear. Manning is a young US soldier arrested in May 2010 for passing classified material to WikiLeaks. He was charged with 22 offences, including communicating national defence information to an unauthorized source, and aiding the enemy. He is clearly a very troubled person who had a difficult childhood and an even more difficult time in the army. Based near Baghdad, Manning had access to US databases for transmitting classified information. He was arrested after… Read More