Mindfields by Trevor Plumbly

Another World With all the advantages of modern scientific thought, it’s astonishing that nobody’s come up with a safe, quick cure for the common need to escape reality: I can hear the cries of ‘moderation in all things!’ even as I’ve written that, let alone the following. I guess reality is a bit hard to pin down, since we’ve all got a personal version of it rattling inside and around us to cope with, along with finding ways to put it to one side when the harsher facts of life don’t suit… Read More

No – A Film about the End of the Pinochet Regime by Angela Caldin

The No Campaign against Pinochet No, a film starring Gael García Bernal and directed by Pablo Larraín, is an exhilarating story about the seemingly unattainable victory of the political underdogs in Chile in 1988, who, it is suggested, managed to topple General Augusto Pinochet from power, by virtue of a TV election campaign limited to 15 minutes of air time a day, and by that campaign alone. A Television Advertising Campaign The film documents how pressure was put on Pinochet by the US to hold a referendum which it was assumed would… Read More