The Purpose of Prison by Angela Caldin

In the wake of the Rolf Harris trial, which resulted in a guilty verdict and a prison sentence of nearly six years, it’s interesting to ask the question what purpose does a prison sentence serve? There are four main purposes for sending someone to prison once it has been decided that the crime committed is so serious that only prison is justified: Punishment or retribution – society wants to see those who commit serious crimes punished by being deprived of their liberty. Victims in particular may want to see perpetrators serve a… Read More

Books for Prisoners by Angela Caldin

I’ve been thinking a lot about prisoners today, in particular about the fact that they can no longer be sent books (among other things) by family and friends. I’ve been wondering whether, if I was a prisoner, I would care about being deprived of books or whether I’d be just as happy passing the hours of incarceration watching TV and vegetating. The Ministry of Justice announced changes last year which prohibited prisoners receiving parcels (except in certain specific circumstances), including those from family and friends. One reason given was the danger of… Read More