Courting Disaster by Trevor Plumbly

“To get what you want, stop doing what isn’t working.” Earl Warren, former USA Chief Justice. Normally, I start writing a blog by sitting down and thumping out what’s crossed my mind, then I sort of scrub it up, flash it to Ang for professional punctuation (blind people don’t do commas and full stops terribly well), then I tend to forget it and move on. Sadly, it seems that my old chum ‘Hoffar’ is not prepared to allow me to do this on the subject of the law. At the risk of… Read More

When the Light Goes Off by Trevor Plumbly

The Day We All Lost Today, at the age of 84, he was sentenced to serve a term of imprisonment; beyond that, there’s not much left unsaid about Rolf Harris. Those of us of a certain age and of a less vengeful disposition will remember, somewhat fondly, an entertainer with an extraordinary range of talents. It would be hard to find another entertainer with a broader appeal; regardless of age, race or class, he was an inspirational figure. Sadly, like many others in the limelight, he was seriously flawed. I say sadly,… Read More