A short history of sex by Trevor Plumbly

Following my insightful piece on the subtleties of the law, I’ve been asked to turn my thoughts to other matters that affect our lives. Things like sex. Birds, bees and bollocks I admit not many people actually indulge in sex on a daily basis, but there’s still a lot of it about in one form or another. Popular thinking suggests we should learn about bonking early; for me, it wasn’t considered important. In a school that served more as an incubator for misfits than a place of learning, sex education wasn’t considered… Read More

It’s a Woman’s World by Trevor Plumbly

I discovered the above quite by accident recently whilst visiting friends. Among their magazines was one of those ‘Woman’s’ shock and shudder numbers, not tucked under the mattress like an early ‘Playboy’ should be, or trimmed of its cover for reputation’s sake. Without compromising myself in any way, I admit that I’ve ‘done a few miles’, so to speak, and there’s not much shock value out there left with my name on it, but flicking through this little gem I realised, somewhat sadly, that much of life’s more titillating pathways didn’t show… Read More

The Auckland Mayor’s Nest by Trevor Plumbly

The Perks of Power Someone much wiser or worldlier than yours truly once said that power was an aphrodisiac, and recent events at mayoral level in Auckland would indicate that the bugger had it about right. Our Worship, it seems, has been having it off with a young woman several years his junior, and, if rumours are to be believed, lots of romping took place on and in all manner of official property. This should rightfully be viewed differently to Berlusconi style serial bonking: let’s be fair, any 80 odd geezer who… Read More

Wash Your Mind Out with Soap by Trevor Plumbly

The Birth of an Addiction As is the case for most incipient entities, it’s tough to recall where or when they started, but I’m pretty sure they crept in silently, like ivy into mortar. One thing’s for sure, soap operas are just as damaging to common intellect as creeping ivy is to brickwork. Like most addictions, ‘soaps’ started innocently enough with the odd half-hour of escapism that developed into an insatiable daily need to monitor the movements of an utterly mundane group of people. There’s no mystery as to why they continue… Read More

Twinkle Twinkle or Celebrities Behaving Badly by Trevor Plumbly

Stars versus Celebrities In pre-TV days (yes I’m that old); the word ‘celebrity’ didn’t really get bandied around as much as it does today. You were either a star, or a support player, or a bit-part actor, or part of the chorus line or, worse still, an extra. These days, with numerous film and TV productions, stars are a bit of an endangered species, while celebrities flourish. But the sad thing about celebrities is that, while stars are forgiven all manner of sins, the lesser lights in show-biz get stuck in a… Read More