100 Word Story by Emily Smart

Elizabeth, What have I done to make you hate me? I have always loved you, provided for you, and yet, that’s just not enough. I don’t ask for much in return, simply love, kindness and respect. Instead, you choose to ridicule me in my own home in front of our very dear friends.

Collaborative Short Story by Angela Caldin and Friends

I belong to a writing group composed of five friends who met 10 years ago on a week’s holiday on the island of Zakynthos where we took part in a creative writing course. (Actually, that’s not strictly accurate as one of the friends is my husband whom I met more than 40 years ago and he didn’t do creative writing, he did sailing, but we let him join the group nonetheless.) One of our activities over the years has been to write stories where one of us starts off and then the… Read More

140 word story by Emily Smart

Incommunicado The phone in the hallway rang for the seventeenth time that day. Four days ago and for the entirety of its existence, the telephone had sat quietly without disturbance during the day. The telephone continued to ring, unanswered on its cradle until the machine clicked on and the message started to play. A woman with a kindly voice said: “Hello. Jenny, David, George and Eddie can’t get to the phone at the moment, you know what to do after the tone.” Beeeeep. The tape recorded a small sniffle on the end… Read More