Out of Sight by Trevor Plumbly

On the Other Side I must confess to having been fairly ambivalent about the plight of blind folk till I joined their ranks. Sure, they were around, but not really part of my world; like most, I was happy to give a few dollars of conscience money on appeal days just as I did with all the other causes that didn’t really affect me personally. My reaction to someone with a white cane was a sort of distant sympathy, along the lines of ‘Poor sod, but he/she seems to be getting about… Read More

A Spot of Bother by Trevor Plumbly

For some time now I’ve enjoyed the music application Spotify. As I’m somewhat blind, it saves the hassle of identifying and playing discs, but about a month ago, for no apparent reason, the music died, right in the middle of ‘Myfanwy’ by The Morriston Orpheus Choir (it’s a must!). Now these guys can sing a bit of ‘churchy’ stuff so there was no way someone up there would have pulled the plug, so I concluded it must be the machine. Naturally I sought help, and in the process I discovered that most… Read More