Balancing acts by Trevor Plumbly

They don’t use balance scales anymore. It’s a shame really; we could learn a lot from the basic principle of equal weight. Unlike pre-packaging, the old scales and weights used to be part and parcel of everyday shopping, representing trust and fairness. Personal costing was an important part of the process, almost ceremonial: for the retailer the accuracy of his scales was the pivot between profit and loss, for the customer they were the dividing line between need and costs. The act of weighing provided a mutual bridge; old fashioned though it… Read More

City Living by Trevor Plumbly

Cracks in the Concrete Having recently moved from a relatively small city to the largest in the country, I’m still a bit bemused by the difference in the social aspects. Dunedin is a somewhat staid city, rightly proud of its university, heritage and secure lifestyle, while Auckland is a melting pot of cultures, commerce and race. Auckland currently houses almost a quarter of the country’s population and continues to grow at a pace it simply isn’t capable of absorbing: put simply the place can only embrace so many before real problems present… Read More