Fakery by Susan Grimsdell

Have any of you readers out there seen the video of the Queen doing an excellent TikTok routine?  Who knew she could move like that at the age of 95? Just incredible.  Well, incredible is the word – it’s a fake video going round the world, but it’s completely real in every respect other than that it’s not.  What’s worrying isn’t so much the making fun of our dear old queen, it’s thinking about what else we believe is real when someone has decided to do their best to fool us.  Finding… Read More

In pursuit of truth by Angela Caldin

Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all Ye know on earth and all ye need to know. That’s what John Keats wrote in 1819 and he attributed those famous words to an inanimate object – a Grecian urn. They are great words with a real ring about them, poetic, moving, inspirational, but do they get us any nearer to an understanding of what truth actually is? It’s fairly clear that they don’t, nor do they help us to get our heads round the various tamperings with facts and evidence that… Read More

A Political Glossary for Cynics by Trevor Plumbly

Or Some Familiar Politician-Speak Explained in Layman’s Terms “There is obviously widespread public concern over this matter and in the light of that concern; I have ordered an official enquiry.” = It’ll take years and it’ll be a nice little earner for a couple of the old boys we owe. And by the time they deliver it’ll all be forgotten anyway. “At times like this it is important to lay party politics to one side.” = I’m in such deep shit that I’ll take help from anybody. “This is an integral part… Read More