Is Fat Amy A Good Role Model? By Emily Smart

The part-time agitator I’ve never been very radical. This may surprise some people. Mouthy, opinionated, never one to avoid controversy, but not radical. I have been on less than a handful of marches in my time and for all the wrong reasons. When I was a student, a gang of us went to Glasgow to protest about Tory cuts. Me and my mates went because the student union had organised £8 tickets to Glasgow for the protest and we had never been to Scotland before. It seemed like a good idea at… Read More

The Confessions of a Babysitter by Trevor Plumbly

The day started normally enough: a quick flick through the news, in the forlorn hope of finding something cheerful, radio tuned to the concert programme, crossword in hand, tea at the elbow, God’s in his heaven and all that stuff. But then the phone rings. ‘We’d like to go for a bike ride, are you OK with the kids for a couple of hours?’ ‘Of course!’ I reply and twenty minutes later Mozart has descended into redundancy and the crossword rendered unsolvable.

My Love/Hate Relationship with Reality TV by Emily Smart

Pretend TV versus Reality TV Last Tuesday I was watching the end of season finale of ‘The Mentalist’. It’s a terrible, terrible, formulaic one-dimensional whodunit programme in the style of ‘Murder She Wrote’, but without aging author Jessica Fletcher solving crimes. Talking of JB Fletcher, isn’t it rather worrying that her home town of Cabot Cove has a population of about 300 people, most of whom have been mysteriously bumped off over the 12 year period the show ran? I’m only mentioning it in case you’re thinking of inviting the old girl… Read More