Tempus F…it! by Trevor Plumbly

When the Get-Up-And-Go… looks like going, it’s time to get proactive; so in my autumnal years I’ve decided to check out my recently acquired twinges. These are not the pleasant twinges one associates with teenage libido, more like reminders that the essential bits ain’t what they used to be. The parts that functioned OK last year have started to send out warnings, so maybe it’s time to take stock. It turned out to be a good week for that: I had joint pains, some sort of episodic thing where my pulse rate… Read More

Me, Annie and Pete by Trevor Plumbly

Me and Annie It was just like last time: a perfectly normal, healthy day until about lunchtime when the old internals decided to bugger things up. It wasn’t an ambulance job this time, just a precautionary tootle up to the doctor’s. I have a ‘lady doctor’ these days; not quite sure if that should be ‘woman doctor’ but all this correctness confuses me a bit: if I said ‘women’s work’ that’d be wrong too, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I’ve never been a ‘blokey’ person and, if I feel a bit off centre, I… Read More