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I write this under some protest. I have been instructed to ‘upgrade’ my biography by my fellow bloggers. They are both somewhat younger than me and fail to appreciate that when one reaches a certain age, a word like ‘upright’ is a bloody sight more meaningful while ‘upgrade’ can be a little disconcerting, a bit like polishing one’s own obituary. Nevertheless, I forgive them and offer the following droplets in an effort to slake what they regard as the insatiable thirst of our followers for knowledge of my daily doings.

Some years on from my previous effort, I remain as grumpy as ever, although as time rolls on, I’m beginning to prefer to describe myself as ‘feisty’. I have finally resorted to the need for talking books and my TV is a blank electronic grey; but on the plus side, I’ve discovered that a lot of folk on the screen are more interesting if you can’t see them. I am still doing my best to ensure that the country’s brewers keep ticking over. The grandsons continue to grow at what seems an alarming rate and get more entertaining with each visit.

Retirement, I’ve found, suits me. I manage to fill my days very nicely, starting with a cryptic crossword and continuing with general housework, Victim Support work and, of course, the occasional blog and a well-earned beer. Lots of positives really. Negatives? Not that I can think of, but I’d murder for a good steak and kidney pudding or transport café bubble and squeak.

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